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Wifi speed

After struggling with slow Wifi speeds on my Mac, I finally hit upon a post that asked to change the DNS to Google’s DNS server ( and viola! it dramatically improved my speeds. I’m hoping it also keeps my VPN connection more stable.


No matter how experienced and accomplished you are in your previous career, it’s always a hard struggle to establish and win the trust of your peers in a new job.

Installing Erlang ChicagoBoss

OS: Ubuntu 12 x64 Server

1. Install Erlang –

2. Install rebar –

3. Install ChicagoBoss.

I chose the option of cloning the ChicagoBoss repo and building locally. After pulling down the source, I had to modify rebar config files to use the https:// instead of git:// because my corporate firewall blocks all git:// protocol connections. After ChicagoBoss pulled down the first round of deps, I had to modify the rebar config files for all the subsequent dependencies. I achieved this with  a simple sed command.

$: cd ChicagoBoss-0.8.12

$: find . -name rebar.confg -print | xargs sed -i 's/git:\/\//https:\/\//'
$: make clean
$: make

Followed the instructions on the git page and voila my first app was up and running!