Installing Erlang ChicagoBoss

OS: Ubuntu 12 x64 Server

1. Install Erlang –

2. Install rebar –

3. Install ChicagoBoss.

I chose the option of cloning the ChicagoBoss repo and building locally. After pulling down the source, I had to modify rebar config files to use the https:// instead of git:// because my corporate firewall blocks all git:// protocol connections. After ChicagoBoss pulled down the first round of deps, I had to modify the rebar config files for all the subsequent dependencies. I achieved this with  a simple sed command.

$: cd ChicagoBoss-0.8.12

$: find . -name rebar.confg -print | xargs sed -i 's/git:\/\//https:\/\//'
$: make clean
$: make

Followed the instructions on the git page and voila my first app was up and running!


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